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Affix R.S.C.E.: 16.995 
F.C.I.: 959/09 


              Hello everyone and thanks for coming to this page, we want to explain briefly why we chose a race like this.

After much consideration we decided to buy a copy of French bulldog for us was a very important decision because we believe that when you buy a dog has to be forever and not for commercial reasons. We were greatly attracted to this race but we had heard about it in such a complex health issue that we decided.

After much inquiry, see, we got to ask such a Paco who lived in the Canary Islands and he had just had a litter with two brindle males availables, sent us some photos and when we see them we saw that was what we were looking for,  was something more nice we had ever seen.

So Claudio came into our lives, and with him our love for this breed, so we will always be enormously grateful to Paco and Carmelo (Frael-Hautacuperche), who in one way or another have been the cause of all this.

What's more, our kennel could be none other than Claude Gold is our little personal tribute to him: 
Frael Claudio Hautacuperche.

             After began the shows and meet great people, all dumps with its wonderful frenchies and we learned a lot of things. Little by little we go far into this world, hence the growing family and trying to continue to do so, with our premise that the welfare of these littles comes first.

Well I just say that this is a special breed and worth because they are great, and never find dogs more affectionate with all people and children, if somewhat stubborn, are true as anyone, comic and funny even when snoring . Without doubt the best friends we have and that we care more.