16/10/06   Ecstatic Cheat v13.20
OpenGL FullHack. New Update! VAC2 Still Proof! by c0re 
 9112   Detectable 
10/10/06   LiteESP v1.1
OpenGL Hack. Updates: Added loader! and fixed crash bug! 
 13138   Detectable 
09/10/06   LiteESP v1.0
OpenGL Hack. Features: Name ESP, Box ESP, No Sky, Colored models and Visible Chams by XanTrax 
 5829   Detectable 
06/10/06   DDCC Hook v3.0.1
New loader, offline version, autoupdater revision and others improvements... update by zh4r0naX 
 6381   Detectable 
01/10/06   DDCC Hook v3.0
OpenGL Multihack. Update Hack! New in v3.0: XorStringed everything. This will help prevent the Hexxing of this hack Radar Added (not very good)! 
 7499   Detectable 
01/10/06   DDCC Hook v2.2
OpenGL Multihack. Update hack! New in v2.2: DoD No Recoil Wiremodel + De0xide Wireframe Size Changer 
 2480   Detectable 
23/09/06   Ecstatic Cheat v13.19
Update Hack! Fixed bugs and others improvements! by c0re 
 9658   Detectable 
20/09/06   Ecstatic Cheat v13.10
Other small update from cheat by c0re! 
 3369   Detectable 
16/09/06   Ecstatic Cheat v13.6
Other small update! by c0re 
 3172   Detectable 
15/09/06   Ecstatic Cheat v13.1
Update small bug fixed! - This Cheat have Full Features by c0re! 
 2675   Detectable 
15/09/06   Ecstatic Cheat v13
OpenGL Multihack. New version for EC. Cheat have FULL Features by c0re! 
 3448   Detectable 
15/09/06   DDCC Hook v2.0
New VAC2 Proofing Code! (autoupdater removed by DarkCheats per original loader content trojan/virus) 
 3629   Detectable 
15/09/06   DDCC Hook v1.7
OpenGL MultiHack. Update Release. New Features Added! 
 1845   Detectable 
12/09/06   Unforgiven Hook v2.0
Client Multihack: Aimbot, Full ESP, Far ESP, Radar Hack, Wallhacks, Crosshairs, Speedhack, Glowshells and many more... Again a little upgrade for VAC 
 23562   Detectable 
12/09/06   DDCC Hook v1.6
Update Hack!. Name, Distance, Weapon, Entity, Box, Far ESP, ASUS and XQZ2 Wallhack, Thirdperson, No Recoil (CS only), Quake Guns, OGC Crosshairs, Lambert, Colored Models, .ini and .cfg Support... 
 7042   Detectable 
12/09/06   DDCC Hook v1.5b
Fixed Hack! - Edited Recoil. Now only one setting. Edited the Menu so it is unhexable. 
 1380   Detectable 
12/09/06   DDCC Hook v1.5
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Name, Distance, Weapon, Entity, Box ESP, Perfect XQZ2 WH, ASUS WH, Lambert, Third Person, No Flash, Quake Guns and No Recoil 
 2698   Detectable 
12/09/06   DDCC Hook v1.1
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Name, Weapon, Entity, Far, Distance ESPs... 
 1316   Detectable 
28/08/06   VAC2 Disabler v2.1
Changes: VAC2 Proof, Optimized code, Added data.dat, Some other things. 
 6091   Detectable 
26/08/06   CS SUX Beta 4
OpenGL Hack BETA. Features: Wallhack, Triggerbot, ESP, Crosshair, Third Person Speedhack, NoSmoke, Bunnyhop, SpinHack. 
 14594   Detectable 
24/08/06   Unforgiven Hook v1.0
OpenGL MultiHack. Features: Hitbox/Bone Aimbot, Full ESP, Far ESP, OV / Default Radar, XQZ & ASUS Wallhack, Fullbright, Spinhack, 5 Crosshairs, LTFX Speedhack, Playerlight, Bunnyhop, Extra Blood, Chasecam, Autowall, AV Draw, Infobox, No Recoil, AIm Offset Tweaker and Whitewalls.  
 26788   Detectable 
16/08/06   AequiHack v1.5
All Proof. Changes: Adjustable Aimer. Features: BoxEsp, WeaponEsp, Lambert, Aimsmoother, Panic-Key. 
 9617   Detectable 
16/08/06   b0ns4i v2.1.1
VAC2 Proof and fixed shield bugs!... OpenGL MultiHack! 
 8570   Detectable 
09/08/06   EliteGL
OpenGL Simple Hack. Features: ESP, Aimbot, Wallhack, Removals, Lambert, Crosshairs and Speedhack. 
 19743   Detectable 
06/08/06   Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.21
OpenGL MultiHack!. Other small update from c0re. 
 6825   Detectable 
06/08/06   Disco Rave Medium v5b
OpenGL Multihack. Changes: Codenamed NinHook. Exactly features v5a. by zippz0r 
 5272   Detectable 
06/08/06   CS Sux Beta
OpenGL Hook. Features: Spinhack, Aimbot, Bunny, Removals, Speed, 3rdPerson, Wallhack and more... 
 12913   Detectable 
27/07/06   AequiHack v1.30
All Anti-Cheats Proof!. Features: BoxEsp, WeaponEsp, Lambert, Aimsmoother and Panic-Key. 
 7693   Detectable 
27/07/06   Visual Effekt v2
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Wallhack, Whitewalls, Lambert, Black Man Mode, Different colored walls.  
 13194   Detectable 
27/07/06   Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.20
Small Update Cheat by c0re. Changelog: Remove AntiScreenshot per bug in msn and windows! 
 4266   Detectable 
27/07/06   b0ns4i v2
OpenGL Multihack. Features: XQZ Wallhack Lambert, TeamLambert, White, Red, Green, Noflash, PlayerESP, BoxESP, WeaponESP DistanceESP , Gait/SequenceESP, Aimbot!.  
 8064   Detectable 
26/07/06   VAC2 Disabler v2.0
VAC2 Disabler. Open Loader, Minimize and enter VAC2 Server! VAC2Proof. by wav / loader by zh4r0naX 
 4520   Detectable 
24/07/06   Biergarten Hook v1.3
New fixes: Bind Bugs (Finally ;x), Console MSG update, Sprite ESP works now, VAC Stuff updated, Player Lights added, Avdraw added. 
 4439   Detectable 
21/07/06   Neburn v1.0
OpenGL Hack. Features: VACē secure, XQZ Wallhack and Lambert. by TDK / PlastiKe 
 6678   Detectable 
16/07/06   Biergarten Hook v1
Client Multihack: Aimbot, Full ESP, FAR ESP, Wallhacks, Speedhack, Radars, Crosshairs and many more... 
 12394   Detectable 
13/07/06   Fighter FX 7.2
OpenGL Multihack. FFX Says, Rapid Nicks, Settings, Save/Load Settings, Weapon Buybots, Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack, ESP, Visual Options, Zooming, RadarHack, 3rd Person Hack, Removals, Winamp Control... by zh4r0naX [Status Checker] 
 186949   Detectable 
12/07/06   [A]lphA [P]rojecT V5
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Wallhack, FulL ESP, Noreocil, Noflash/Nosmoke, SpeedHack, Entity ESP, Fonts, Crosshairs and much much more... 
 12288   Detectable 
11/07/06   Narcissus Narcosis v1.42
OpenGL Multihack. Features: ESP, TeamLambert, Lambert, Wallhack, NoFlash. VAC2 Proof - Autoupdate Cheat! by finate 
 5788   Detectable 
02/07/06   b0ns4i v2 Alpha
OpenGL Hack. Featuress: XQZ/ASUS Wallhack, Lambert, TeamLambert(White,Red,Green), Noflash, PlayerESP, BoxESP!. 
 7096   Detectable 
02/07/06   Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.18
Small Update for EcstaticCheat by c0re! 
 4489   Detectable 
28/06/06   Delicatessen Trial [Beta Test]
OpenGL MultiHack. VAC/VAC2 Proof - CRC Update - AutoOffsets... Trial version (10 days or 50 executions) by Sharkboy999 
 5575   Detectable 
25/06/06   Fighter FX 7.1
OpenGL Multihack. FFX Says, Rapid Nicks, Settings, Save/Load Settings, Weapon Buybots, Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack, ESP, Visual Options, Zooming, RadarHack, 3rd Person Hack, Removals, Winamp Control... by zh4r0naX [Loader] [Settings] 
 80050   Detectable 
25/06/06   Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.15
Other update the Ecstatic Cheat by c0re! 
 4264   Detectable 
22/06/06   Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.12
New update of the Esctatic Cheat by c0re! 
 4428   Detectable 
22/06/06   Pain ESP v1.3B
Update the cheat. VAC2 Proof! 
 5241   Detectable 
19/06/06   ZHX Simple HoOk v2.1
OpenGL MultiHack. Changelog: VAC2 Update Proof! - CheatFeatures: Aimbot, Autoshoot, Autowall, Nospread, Removals (noflash/nosmoke), Player ESP, Entity ESP, Bunny Hop, Radar Hack, SpyCam, Autoupdater, Menu and Console. zh4r0naX 
 16381   Detectable 
19/06/06   Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.6
OpenGL MultiHack. The Ecstatic Cheat Have FULL Features! by c0re 
 6066   Detectable 
17/06/06   Disco Rave Medium v5a
OpenGL Multihack. Changes: Add Perfect XQZ WallHack. by zippz0r and h1web. 
 3874   Detectable 
09/06/06   GESP v1.00
OpenGL Hack. Features: perfect xqz wh,glow chams, nosmoke/noflash,distance/name/weapon esp,trans entities,barrel hack. 
 5920   Detectable 
09/06/06   SrDeustRuction v1.3
Update of the cheat, Features: Crosshair ,AntiRecoil ,Bomb Timer , Fake Nospread ,In-Game Clock. Changelog: New skin added ingame clock better binds. 
 7955   Detectable 
07/06/06   [VDC]Dead Aim v1.6
Update of the cheat and work now on D3D visual option, add Panic Mode and add Anti Screenshot! Very nice !!!  
 9651   Detectable 
06/06/06   Fighter FX 666 Special Edition
Exactly FFX 7.0, small changes aparience, FFX Nicks, and FFX Says, New Loader GFX and more... Screenshot 
 34521   Detectable 
06/06/06   Pain ESP v1.3
OpenGL Multihack. Small Fixed Name, Weapon and Box ESP was being drawn. and other changes.. by [-RxP-]nickz0r  
 4176   Detectable 
01/06/06   ZHX Simple HoOk v2.0
OpenGL Hook. Features: Aimbot, Autoshoot, Autowall, Nospread, Removals (noflash/nosmoke), Player ESP, Entity ESP, Bunny Hop, Radar Hack, SpyCam, Autoupdater, Menu and Console. by zh4r0naX 
 9880   Detectable 
31/05/06   Mic Cheat v2
OpenGL Multihack. Changelog: Menu Reorganized (for DoD), Reload Bar, Bombtimer, Health Esp(DoD), New gui and more... 
 4444   Detectable 
31/05/06   [A]lpha [P]roject V4
Update OpenGL Multihack. Changelog: Beter menu and fix little bugs!  
 3172   Detectable 
27/05/06   EasyGL v1.0
OpenGL Simple Hack. Features: All ESP, BombTimer, Classics Wallhacks, PlayerLight and Lamber. by defcon5 
 4855   Detectable 
27/05/06   [JAPS]NoAim
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Wallhack, Colored Models, NoSky, Full ESP, NoRecoil, RadarHack, Thirperson, Removals, Zombie Glow, Winamp ingame, Shield Trans and more... 
 9134   Detectable 
27/05/06   OrK-ESP v1.1
OpenGL Cheat. Features: WallHack, Full ESP, Radar Hack, Bunny Hop, Lambert, Crosshairs and more... 
 4806   Detectable 
26/05/06   ZHX Simple HoOk
OpenGL Simple Hack. Features: XQZ, Asus WallHack - NoFlash, NoSmoke - Lambert Colors. Cheat Autoupdater by zh4r0naX 
 3452   Detectable 
24/05/06   Levita GS v1.0
OpenGL Simple Hack. Features: ASUS Wallhack, XQZ Wallhack, NoFlash and Lambert. 
 4524   Detectable 
18/05/06   Pain ESP v1.2
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Name, Box, Weapon ESP - Removals - Crosshairs - Weapon Glow, Lambert, Chams. 
 4724   Detectable 
18/05/06   Xan ESP Public
OpenGL Hack. Features: Name ESP, Box ESP, Visible ESP, Aimbot, Aimthrough, Aiming Tweaks, Aim Key, Preloaded Aim Vecs, Draw, Winamp Song, No Sky, XQZ Wallhack. by XanTraX 
 9636   Detectable 
17/05/06   VDC: Dead Aim v1.4.1
** Update your Hack ** New loader, Autoupdater Included, Fixed ESP issues Sven-Co-op, Added bind and script system. by c0re 
 6368   Detectable 
14/05/06   VDC: Dead Aim
OpenGL Multihack. ESP, Wallhack, RadarHack, Thirperson, Zombie Glow and all features... by c0re 
 7905   Detectable 
13/05/06   -][S.T.A.R.Z][- Reborn
OpenGL Client Multihack. All Features!!! Revaced by Flux! 
 4760   Detectable 
07/05/06   Mic Cheat v1.2
Changes: CS Hud Bottom, Aimbot code added, Ammo in infobox, soundesp, New loader, Panic Key added.. by PoLo 
 6227   Detectable 
07/05/06   Fighter FX 7.0
OpenGL Multihack. FFX Says, Rapid Nicks, Settings, Save/Load Settings, Weapon Buybots, Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack, ESP, Visual Options, Zooming, RadarHack, 3rd Person Hack, Removals, Winamp Control... by zh4r0naX [ antivirus scan | screenshot ] 
 74545   Detectable 
04/05/06   Fighter FX 6.1a
*** Update Loader *** Error HL.exe in v6.1 is fixed! by zh4r0naX 
 9120   Detectable 
03/05/06   Fighter FX 6.1
-- Loader error in hl.exe, please download v6.1a -- Thanks ;) 
 7915   Detectable 
01/05/06   Fighter FX 6.0
OpenGL Multihack. Last Version! ---- Download FFX 6.1a, Thanks! ----- 
 10246   Detectable 
01/05/06   Neferty HoOk 1.5.3
OpenGL Multihack. ** Update offset ** Features: Spycam, All Esp, some visual, like wallhack, Speed, HitBox aim, bombsprite.. 
 9058   Detectable 
29/04/06   Mic Cheat v1.00
OpenGL Hack. Features: ESP, Aimbot, Nospread, Norecoil, SpeedHack, WhiteWalls, Wallhack, Barrel Hack, and much more... 
 10564   Detectable 
27/04/06   [A]lpha [P]roject V3
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Wallhack, FULL Esp, BarrelHack, Spin, Aimbot, Speedhack. and much much more... Best hack! 
 10514   Detectable 
14/04/06   Disco Rave Medium v4
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* -Added NoSmOke -Added NoFlash by zippz0r 
 6666   Detectable 
14/04/06   F-A ESP v3.6
Features: Full ESP - Wallhack - Whitewall - Crosshair - Colored Wall - Third Person - Removal - AntiKick - Player Glow - Panic Key 
 11521   Detectable 
09/04/06   Hummiungbird by ViscountPherget
Simple Aimbot and Radar Hack, CD and VAC 2 Secure 
 8745   Detectable 
09/04/06   b0ns4i v1.1
XQZ , Asus , Lambert , Noflash VAC2 pr00f! A MUST HAVE ! 
 5092   Detectable 
07/04/06   Neferty HoOk 1.52
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Spycam, All Esp, some visual, like wallhack, Speed, HitBox aim, bombsprite..etc by Anubis82 
 12324   Detectable 
05/04/06   Fighter FX 5.0
The Best OpenGL Multihack!!!. All features by zh4r0naX **old offset** 
 27486   Detectable 
01/04/06   Fighter FX 4.0
OpenGL Multihack. Update hack! 
 9551   Detectable 
30/03/06   Project VDC 1.09
This great OpenGL Multihack. Supported: CS 1.6, DoD and NS. by kalvin. Cheat autoupdater! 
 7451   Detectable 
27/03/06   Ecstatic Cheat v12.03
Some Fixes in this new Version, check the readme 
 7075   Detectable 
27/03/06   NK Cheat 5.7
Just updated, check the readme 
 7012   Detectable 
27/03/06   Pandasex v1
Client Hack: Aimbot, FAR ESP, Wallhack, Speedhack and more, new update :) 
 19160   Detectable 
27/03/06   Disco Rave Medium
Simple Wallhack *updated* 
 12141   Detectable 
20/03/06   Loki-ESP v1.8
 7223   Detectable 
25/02/06   Ecstatic Cheat v12.01
OpenGL Multihack. The best! 
 8699   Detectable 
25/02/06   Loki-ESP v1.5
New XQZ and fixed loader. 
 3393   Detectable 
17/02/06   Gaben Newell Cheat v2.5
OpenGL Multihack. Removals, Wallhack, Ballhack, Crosshairs, Colored Models, No Recoil, Nospread. and much more. VAC2 Proof 
 7506   Detectable 
17/02/06   Chapman Hack v1.3
Changes: VAC2 Proof. Autoupdate, Fixed mior bugs, New loader. OpenGL Multihack  
 4299   Detectable 
12/02/06   Fighter FX 3.2
OpenGL Multihack. *Update OFFSET* Features: Aimbot, Wallhack, ESP, Speedhack, Zoom, Winamp, Removals, FarESP, Knivespeed, Radar Hack, 3rd Person Hack, SoundESP and much more... Cheat Autoupdater | by zh4r0naX 
 30918   Detectable 
12/02/06   Loki-ESP v1.4
Fix Smoke and Flash. Features: FULL ESP - ASUS & XQZ Wallhack - No Smoke & Flash 
 3897   Detectable 
12/02/06   nK Hack v5.6
Nice Multihack! Public Version 
 6867   Detectable 
12/02/06   Ecstatic Cheat Lite
Lite version for Ecstatic! by c0re 
 2643   Detectable 
12/02/06   OGC Owned Xtreme3
OpenGL Multihack. Tweaking and Revaced by x3 
 6829   Detectable 
12/02/06   OGC Owned Spitfire
OpenGL Multihack. Revaced Hack! 
 6124   Detectable 
12/02/06   x3 v1.9
OpenGL Hack. Features: x3 Wallhack and Red Crosshair... 
 3414   Detectable 
12/02/06   F-A ESP
Simple ESP. Enjoy! PWNED 
 2572   Detectable 
12/02/06   Solid Wireframe
Basic wireframe wallhack hack! 
 3564   Detectable 
12/02/06   DRM Wallhack
OpenGL Wallhack. by DRM 
 8552   Detectable 
12/02/06   Simple CN Hack
Enjoy! Cheat-Network Simple Hack! 
 2648   Detectable 
12/02/06   Chapman Hack v1.2
Basic OpenGL Multihack  
 2833   Detectable 
12/02/06   CS Wallhack V4
Counter-Strike Wallhack. Simple Hack. 
 17078   Detectable 
12/02/06   [Valve] Aimbot v3
Simple Aimbot. Enjoy! 
 10677   Detectable 
11/02/06   Loki-ESP v1.3
FULL ESP - ASUS & XQZ Wallhack - No Smoke & Flash 
 3019   Detectable 
11/02/06   Apex Remake
OpenGL Multihack. Features: ESP, Removals (Smoke, Flash) Aimbot. 
 3289   Detectable 
11/02/06   [Valve] Petroleum
Simple Hack. Enjoy! 
 2614   Detectable 
11/02/06   SrDeustRuction
Simple Hack. NoRecoil, Xhair, Nospread, Bomb Timer, Crosshair. 
 2238   Detectable 
10/02/06   Ecstatic Cheat v11.08.14
Other release update. Nice OpenGL Multihack!!!. by c0re 
 2084   Detectable 
10/02/06   CS 1.6 Mini-Hack
VAC2 & CD 4.33.4 Proof. Simple Hack 
 6468   Detectable 
29/01/06   Ecstatic Cheat v11.08.10
OTHER UPDATE HACK !!! - Fix errors solutions! 
 2879   Detectable 
29/01/06   MVA Cheat
OpenGL BasicHack. Features: - ESP - Radar - Winamp  
 4001   Detectable 
20/01/06   Ecstatic Cheat v11.062
UPDATE HACK, Other update Ecstatic... OpenGL Best Multihack. 
 3247   Detectable 
20/01/06   Chapman Hack v1.1
Basic OpenGL Multihack 
 4134   Detectable 
25/12/05   Limpid FX
cd / vac2 secure multihack, esp, nosmoke,speed ... 
 26312   Detectable 
23/12/05   WTFZ0R
Aimbot - ESP - Visuals. by Endorphine (ECC) 
 6743   Detectable 
18/12/05   Gangsta WH Fixed
Fixed deathr0w wh for fans. 
 3619   Detectable 
14/12/05   Fighter FX 3.1
[Update v3.2] OpenGL Multihack. *DLL Fixed* Aimbot, Wallhack, ESP, Speedhack, Zoom, Winamp, Removals, FarESP, Knivespeed, Radar Hack, 3rd Person Hack, SoundESP and much more... *Autoupdater* 
 19337   Detectable 
13/12/05   Ecstatic Cheat v8.6
New Ecstatic version. Added DOD & CSCZ Support. Update misc. 
 3402   Detectable 
11/12/05   Fighter FX 3.0
*Update to version 3.1* OpenGL MultiHack. Wallhack, Esp, SoundESP, Aimbot, Speedhack, Nosky, Radar Hack, 3rd Person Hack, Infostats, Mirror cam, Glow, Vecs, NoRecoil, Noflash, Nosmoke and much more... *Cheat Autoupdate*  
 13276   Detectable 
11/12/05   FuRious SP-X 11.07
Great Multihack!! - Update OFFsets pEncFuncs 
 19687   Detectable 
11/12/05   Ecstatic Cheat v7.38
Great Multihack with tons of features @ version 7.38 
 1936   Detectable 
11/12/05   [IC]Simple Wallhack v1.E
Simple Wallhack 
 6099   Detectable 
11/12/05   Limpid 2
VAC2|CD|wh|esp|removes|flashlight. (Update hack) 
 8785   Detectable 
09/12/05   Fighter FX 2.3
Offsets Update and DLL Fixed - Version Obsolete, Download 3.0 version! 
 2761   Detectable 
06/12/05   PixelAimbot v2
Simple Pixel Aimbot 
 6030   Detectable 
02/12/05   nK Hack v5.5
Nice Multihack 
 4599   Detectable 
02/12/05   Fighter FX 2.2
OpenGL Multihack. CFG, DLL and Menu Fixed bugs errors! - You have old version? your cheat is autoupdate! 
 4131   Detectable 
02/12/05   Gangsta WH Christmas Edtion
Simple WallHack 
 5137   Detectable 
02/12/05   Anubis82 v1 Reborn
Name ESP Distance ESP Weapon ESP Box ESP Crosshair TimeSave/load Features. 
 1359   Detectable 
02/12/05   [IC]Simple Wallhack v1.D
Simple Wallhack for CS 1.6 / CZ 
 3910   Detectable 
01/12/05   Fighter FX 2.1
OpenGL Multihack. Fixeds: Loader, DLL, Menu bugs and Fixed ESP!. AutoUpdater! 
 2847   Detectable 
01/12/05   FuRious SP-X 11.06
UPDATE YOUR FSP-X to 11.07 - Fix offset 
 4530   Detectable 
01/12/05   Ecstatic Cheat v7.11 - v7.38
Fixeds: server and map crash, aimbot, bugs in menu. Added: Script & Color config, Manual Recoil. Update Your Cheat! 
 2535   Detectable 
01/12/05   Fighter FX 2.0
Multihack. AutoUpdate, ESP, Aimbot, Vecs, Esp, Wallhack, Speed, Radar Hack, Player info, and much more... 
 6915   Detectable 
30/11/05   Fighter FX
ESP, Aimbot, Vecs, Esp, Wallhack, Speed, Radar Hack, Player info, and much much more. zh4r0naX  
 11361   Detectable 
28/11/05   [IC]Simple Wallhack v1.C
Simple Wallhack 
 4328   Detectable 
20/11/05   Area51 Hack 2.5
The Great MultiHack!!!! - Wallahack, Esp, Norecoil, Noflash; noSmoke, Radar Hack, 3rd Person hack... And much more.. - Include Setup cheat installer! by PlastiKe 
 7623   Detectable 
08/11/05   Ecstatic Cheat v5b
OpenGL Multihack.. Aimbot Fixed! 
 4264   Detectable 
04/11/05   Simple ESP Advanced v5.1B Final
Popular ESP Hack With Many Features. 
 2438   Detectable 
04/11/05   Endorphine RE
Multihack: Aimbot, Full ESP, Far ESP, Speedhack, Wallhack, Crosshairs, And many more... 
 9762   Detectable 
02/11/05   Ecstatic Cheat v5a
Bug Fixed... VAC2 Proof. Multihack! 
 2178   Detectable