Should I be concerned at this point ??

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Should I be concerned at this point ??

Notapor spadekevin » 03 Ago 2018 10:14


A week ago I downloaded RP and the graphics have been fine on my laptop running at 59fps. The computer itself has an Intel i5 processor running at 2.67 GHz with 3.8 Gb usable ram. This AM, the graphics for ONLY lane 3 started misbehaving. At first, when the view was from behind the rower, there was a light blue strip the width of the lane that didn't show any reflection or ripples and the oars didn't disappear below the "water" as the graphic kept rowing. Later, the graphic was frozen, that is the rower didn't move, but the boat kept moving and the rower was frozen from the side view of lane 3 as well. All the other graphics appeared normal.

I searched this forum and didn't see anything about this issue. Should I be concerned at this point or wait to see if it happens again?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Video Graphics

Thank you.

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