Could it be that I have done something wrong ??

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Could it be that I have done something wrong ??

Notapor spadekevin » 03 Ago 2018 10:15


I'll just say that I'm not 100% is this is a problem in creating PDF's or not, but...

I'm placing logos in my Quark file, which look fine blown up in photoshop and Quark, but once I've created the hi res PDF this pinky background appears round the text or picture on the logo. The logos I'm using are either TIFFs or JPGs. The quality isent brilliant on all logos, some are only 150dpi. However, I've just received a logo which my printer placed in one of the files for me previously and both the PDF and printed version looked fine, but now I'm using the logo myself its got this background to it.

Could it be that I have done something wrong in Quark or does this sound like a problem in creating the PDF?
Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you.

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