High pages/sec and page faults/sec. What can I do/check?

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High pages/sec and page faults/sec. What can I do/check?

Notapor MichaelSmith » 07 May 2018 07:17


We are starting to see performance issues on more then a handful of remote jobsite servers. The servers are Windows 2003 R2 w/ SP2, and they are domain controllers and also perform file and print services and usually acts as an application licebnsing server for a myriad of products, like AutoCAD, etc...
In general the performance issue seems to be related to file server performance. Users are reporting that accessing their mapped drives to the server is slow. Apps that run off the server's mapped drives will slow down or even stop working. In some sites we're getting disconnects to the file shares from the Vista systems.
I opened Perfmon and noticed a fairly high value for Pages/sec. I then added Page Faults/sec and it was also high.
For example, I'm looking at one server with the following averages over the last 5 minutes:
Pages/Sec: Average - 456 / Maximum - 2370
Page Faults/Sec: Average - 903 / Maximum - 4325
These numbers are crazy high! Now that I'm starting to see it on more servers though I'm not sure if I'm missing something else I should be checking, like other Performance Counters or something to try and find out what the cause of this is.
Any ideas?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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