Filtering HTML code

Sección para"expertos", que quieren cambiar el código HTML de su página o insertar Java Scripts, Iframes, etc.. Si eres principiante, esta sección no te hace falta.

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Filtering HTML code

Notapor ricardobrooks » 08 Ago 2018 10:06


I got a realistic idea on how to implement. this is not final, just something I am currently thinking about - and would like to hear your opinion about it.The problem with the original proposal is that it is too general. This makes it hard to optimize performance, but it is also a security problem. A filter subscription could in theory remove parts of the page in such a way that the result would be some malicious JavaScript code, e.g. one stealing user's password. Of course, all filter subscription maintainers are nice and responsible people - but do they also keep their web servers secure? If one of these servers is hacked or an attacker simply manipulates subscription data when it is being downloaded (most subscriptions don't use HTTPS) we might have a problem.Which is why a reduced solution would be good. And here is one: instead of removing generic parts of the page, why not remove only entire HTML/XML blocks? This would be similar to element hiding - except that things would really be removed, meaning that this approach could be applied to inline scripts and XML data. Here is how a filter might look like:

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